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Introducing the Lake Rake Golf Ball Retrieval System

The Perfect Solution for Golf Course Superintendents and individuals looking to create new revenue. Retrieve golf balls from shoreline, no diving necessary. Large enough to retrieve golf clubs, golf bags and golf balls, small enough to fit in the trunk of a car.

All the Lake Rake Products are made from 100% welded aluminum and are designed to withstand the rigors of industrial/commercial type golf ball retrieval use. Lake Rakes come with a 6 foot extension and 6 foot handle. The leading edge is machined from solid aluminum with multiple relief angles to aid in the combing of golf balls. The basket has large holes that sift through the mud while retaining the balls.

Three Models Available:
14" width (retrieves up to 50 balls per pull) - Price - $395.00
18" width (retrieves up to 75 balls per pull) - Price - $445.00
24" width (retrieves up to 100 balls per pull - Price - $495.00

Light Weight:
14" width (5 lbs.)
18" width (7 lbs.)
24" width (9 lbs.)
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